Experienced Consulting focused on strategically meeting your goals.

Helping Our Clients Peel Back to the Basics: 

Restructure, Reorganize, Refocus



If the organization was built organically, or has been passive for years, if its lost its mission and relevance, it is time to reorganize.  If you grew it, let us keep the concepts but peel it back and fix it.


Sometimes you need to bring someone in to turn things completely around.  Your organization has value, don't air dirty laundry by starting over, draw from strengths and listen to failures. 


Maybe what you started out doing needs to be directed to the next level.  From an outsider's viewpoint, is it still working or do you need to change direction to be happy.

Strategic Relationships

Relationships are everything.  It could be finding the right person and providing executive consultancy, or bringing together entities for an effective and mutually beneficial outcome,  We can assist with leadership training, audience development, workshops, forums and networking events. 

Strategic Marketing

Staying relevant means to revisit today's market and keep up with messaging, branding and needs.  What is the most effective for your organization?  Every organization needs this to be customized.  How important is the content - or is it the distribution? It's all about being strategic.

Strategic Programming

From event concepts, speaking engagements, community engagement.  Programming can engage team members, bring compassionate attention to your business and cultivate community relevance bringing loyalty.

What we can do


  • Instructor Facilitator certified
  • podcast anchor for small business channel
  • Leadership Training
  • Audio Video production and direction
  • Strategic introductions

Public Policy

  • Industry initiatives and alliances
  • Community issues spokesperson
  • Issues messaging and education


  • Editorial generation and placement
  • Brand spokesperson
  • PR management
  • Social Media management 
  • Content provider

Non Profit Management

  • Outsourced operations for non profits
  • Bylaws and governance development
  • Compliance satisfaction


Do you take over the administration of a non-profit?

Yes, we will serve as the administrator and finance manager and ensure the non-profit is in compliance

Do you provide grant writing?

We will provide grant administration and can work with the organization on content and scope.  In other words, we will manage the request and reporting details.

Do you work with for-profit companies?

Yes, we can provide a number of strategies for small business. 

About Us

Our Experience

After 35 years of program and organization management, we decided to provide our special skills to those that need to restructure, reorganize and refocus in order to be productive,  We have worked with small business, government and non-profit from nuts to bolts and have successfully provided new infrastructure and damage control successes. Our ramp up process is designed to empower your team and outfit them with the tools they need to succeed. Talk to us today about how we can support your growth, limit your turnover, and put you on a solid track to success and profit.

Our Approach

Our service includes reorganizing from the primary authority, governance for non-profits, infrastructure development from finance to HR for new organizations, program and grant administration as well as procedure development and training.  We will work with your team to create a mission, culture and core values.   That’s how we ensure your success.

Why Us?

Business mentors are key—that’s why when it comes to client selection, we’re choosy. We want to give each of you the time and guidance you deserve.   

Ceci Velasco, lead manager - Ceci has been a damage control operative for three decades.  On the government side she has developed statewide programs under federal block grants, structured newly incorporated municipalities, built HR, Procurement and IT infrastructures, was a bureau chief at the Illinois Department of Transportation with the authority for the MBE, DBE, WBE federal program.  As a community activist her leadership skills assisted to found the Illinois Association of Hispanic State Employees, spearhead a statewide civil rights organization, serve as an adviser to a statewide leadership organization for women professionals and mentored many small start up businesses with infrastructure, marketing and branding as well as establishing strategic introductions for fundraising.


Peeling back can be REFRESHING